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SÄKAPHEN (Re-) Coating of Box Coolers

Service Life Cycle Extension of Box Coolers and Protection against Galvanic Corrosion

Box Coolers are used for a variety of duties on a vessel where temperature reducing is required, from cooling of the main engines to air conditioning and hydraulic systems.

Where Box Coolers are manufactured from Copper Nickel Aluminum (Cu-Ni-Al) and installed in a Carbon Steel (CS) sea chest, SÄKAPHEN's two-component epoxy hybrid flooding system offers outstanding resistance to sea water and a hydrophobic surface resisting adhesion of marine growth including barnacles and provides safe and reliable operation and foremost protection against galvanic corrosion. This is achieved by carefully formulated filler composition where the heat transfer exceeds most heat cured linings and has been proven by independent third party testing. The coating does not contain any biocidal filler as the industry moves towards a more environmentally friendly, greener shipping.

Dependant on the service conditions, Box Coolers have longer or shorter maintenance schedules. This maintenance can range from simple cleaning through to a complete re-coating process. SÄKAPHEN, together with its Global Partners offer a worldwide service of on-site cleaning, abrasive blast cleaning and re-coating in the shipyard or a suitable available facility and is available for all designs of Box Coolers including round, rectangular or stepped. The coating is not negatively affected by the use of Marine Growth Prevention System (MGPS), such as Impressed Current Anti Fouling (ICAF) systems.

SÄKAPHEN and their Global Partners joint service is available for Box Coolers on all vessels including Yachts, Ferries, Trawlers, Tugboats, Barges, Carriers, Dredgers, Supply Vessels, Ice Breakers, Cargo Freighters, Tankers, Gas Tankers and Offshore Structures.

As well as the aforementioned benefits, the re-coating of Box Coolers extends the service life cycle and is backed by a proven track record. Since being introduced to the market, hundreds of Box Coolers have had the added advantage of being coated with SÄKAPHEN, leading to significant savings of both time and cost, as all services are supplied locally. If required, SÄKAPHEN can provide fully skilled supervision when the vessel is in dry dock.

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