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SÄKAPHEN Coating of Impellers

Superior Protection against Chemical Attack

Impellers are a part of the rotating equipment family and are used to both increase the pressure and flow of a myriad of mediums. Used inside ducts in all manner of industries including refineries, power plants, petrochemical facilities, chemical processing plants and general industrial processing where exhaust gases can reach temperatures of 200°C.  These aggressive gases combined with high levels of moisture lead to condensation in periods of inactivity during the processes, shut downs or while general maintenance is being carried out.

A subsequent advantage of applying SÄKAPHEN linings or coatings to Impellers or other rotating equipment is the formation of a thin, uniform protective layer where minimal additional mass is added to the impeller or turbine therefore reducing potential balancing issue during commissioning and operation. The linings and coatings are not affected by temperature fluctuations and offer temperature resistance up to 200°C and in certain instances, peaks above this depending on the medium. Such is the enhanced adhesion to the substrate the linings or coatings are not affected by high centrifugal forces. Finally, the lining or coating can be easily removed by abrasive blasting should the need arise for Non-Destructive Testing or Examination (NDT / NDE) and the lining or coating can be subsequently repaired or re-lined or re-coated as required.

SÄKAPHEN linings and coatings have proven unrivalled performance in challenging extreme environments as can be found in thermal power plants, waste incinerators and various areas encompassing aggressive exhausts. The SÄKAPHEN Heat Cured Phenolics / Epoxy-Phenolics range guarantees protection against strongly acidic and alkali media, especially at high temperatures in addition to exceptional chemical resistance in conditions of increased media concentration.

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