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SÄKAPHEN Company Structure

Tradition and Continuity are the Foundation for Future Solutions for Corrosion Protection and innovative Products

SÄKAPHEN is a 3rd generation family owned company renowned for providing quality and premium lining and coating systems, operating from Gladbeck, Germany since 1954. Representing unrivalled expertise in the formulation and development of lining and coating solutions for heavy duty corrosion protection in our in-house laboratory, complemented by in-house lining and coating application. This is supported further by the excellent SÄKAPHEN-Cleaning System.

SÄKAPHEN also supports its global presence in the marketplace by use of authorized applicators for the application of its heat cured and cold cured linings and coatings as well as distributors for its insulator cleaning system around the world in Europe, Asia, Middle East and North America.

SÄKAPHEN R & D continues to strive to produce unique, bespoke, high end coating and lining solutions for challenging process conditions and combatting corrosion for client specific requirements. The SÄKAPHEN-Cleaning System for high-voltage insulators completes the product range.

60 Years First-Class Experience

Acquiring more than 60 years of first-class experience in the formulation, development and application of heat cured and cold cured linings and coatings, we enable our customers across the globe to operate their facilities economically and with maximum efficient use of resources. SÄKAPHEN responds to the constantly changing nature of the field with continuous development of high end materials and modern methods of application.

Our wide ranging products can be utilized in a diverse range of industries on account of their strong resistance against hostile acidic and alkali mediums, the heat cured and cold cured linings and coatings can be used in many versatile situations. Our expert advisers will help clients to find an individual solution most suitable for the challenges they face in corrosion protection.

Feel free to contact us for technical advice.

For any specific chemical resistances, fields of use, technical questions or other lining and coating queries, please feel free to contact us for technical advice.

Tel.: +49 20439470 or Email: info[at]

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