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SAEKA-Cleaning Paste 83.750

Cleaning, Sealing and Protection of Plastic, Resin, Composite and Silicone Insulators

SAEKA-Cleaning Paste 83.750 has been specially formulated and developed on behalf of UNIPER for cleaning sensitive Plastic, Resin, Composite and Silicone Insulators.

Power plant insulators of plastic or resin construction can be found in underground tunnels connecting generators and transformer stations. Within these tunnels, as found in other heavy industrial areas, the insulators are exposed to high levels of dust and coupled with high humidity form a formidable layer of dirt. SAEKA-Cleaning Paste 83.750 has been formulated and developed to overcome this problem.

High Voltage Insulators when treated with SAEKA-Cleaning Paste 83.750 emit 35vK at the point of partial discharge compared to 32vK when using common cleaners. This increase in voltage discharge proves the unrivalled efficiency of the cleaning, sealing and protection provided by SAEKA-Cleaning Paste 83.750 in solid numbers. This is further proven by a reduced loss factor of tan (δ) = 0.2% after the cleaning of high voltage insulators with SAEKA-Cleaning Paste 83.750.

Similar to SAEKA-Cleaning Paste 80.750, also for SAEKA-Cleaning Paste 83.750  it is recommended to apply SAEKA-Silicone Grease 81.750 in areas liable to high humidity or air pollution for additional protection.

SAEKA-Cleaning Paste 83.750 is solvent free, dermatologically tested and contains physiologically safe abrasives, oils and greases. The product is non-hazardous, no special equipment or extensive Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) is needed during the application process.

Filling Weight: 750g

SAEKA-Cleaning Paste 83.750 for Cast Resin Insulators prevents deposits of dust and continuous water films on cast resin and plastic as well as silicone insulators and thus protects against flash-overs. The SAEKA-Cleaning Paste extends maintenance cycles and reduces downtime. The product is suitable for cleaning and sealing surfaces in one go. Simply apply with a rag and wipe briefly. In areas of high humidity or heavy air pollution, additional protection with SAEKA-Silicone Grease 81.750 is recommended.

Cleaning, Sealing and Protection, a simple 3-in-1 function.

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