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Two-Pack Cold Cured Epoxy-based Hydrophobic Trowel Applied System for Acidic to Strongly Alkaline Media. Matt (Putty) or Gloss (Primer/Topcoat), Red Finish

SÄKAPHEN SÄKATONIT K80 LS is a high-quality two-pack epoxy hydrophobic  trowel applied coating system, developed and formulated to be self-priming and direct to metal application, specifically for on-site tube sheet coating. One material can be used to create the primer, the putty as well as the top coat. Thus the product allows most efficient material consumption with little to no waste for a cost-effective thickfilm coating application.

The lining system is resistant to all types of water including brackish, river, sea and deionized in addition to various substances including sour to strong alkaline, inorganic salts and their solutions. SÄKAPHEN SÄKATONIT K80 LS is resistant to temperature fluctuations.

The film lining surface is hard elastic with outstanding hydrophobic properties, preventing caking, fouling and incrustation. Following polymerization the lining is fully machinable. The addition of a suspending agent allows viscosity adjustment to aid the applicator and application. Can be applied on site.

SÄKAPHEN SÄKATONIT K80 LS is a low-solvent, ultra-high solid volume (wt. %) of 80% or more.

For the lining of tube sheets located in Power, Petrochemical, Water Treatment and Desalination Plants.

Product nameUnitSÄKAPHEN® SÄKATONIT® K 80 LS  
 Properties-Cold Cured Duroplast Coating  
 Resin base-Amine cured Epoxy system  
 Field of Application-For the coating of tube sheets in power plants, in water treatment and desalination plants and in the chemical industry.  
 Cure Mechanism-Cold Cured Duroplast Coating  
 Quantity of components-2  
 General chemical resistance (All resistances have to be inquired separately!)-Resistant to all types of water, including brackish, river and sea water as well as deionized water, various substances ranging from sour to strongly alkaline, inorganic salts and their solutions.  
 pH RangepH1-13  
 Wet Film Thickness per layerµm150  
 Total dry film thicknessµmto the length of the jet out tubes  
 Coverageapprox. kg/m²/DFT1,3 kg / m² / 500µm  
 Surface PreparationSaSA2 ½ - SA 3  
 Surface Profileµm40 - 60 µm  
 Temperature resistance dry
(dry air oven)
°C-20°C to +90°C  
 Temperature resistance wet (water)°C-20°C to 70°C  
 Resistance to water vapor diffusion°C≤ ∆T 30°C  
 Overcoating Waiting Timehours/23°C8-24  
 Chemical Curingdays7-10  
 Linear Thermal Expansionµmn/a  
 Pore testingVoltsn/a  
 Pendulum hardness acc. to König6° sec147  
 Shore D HardnessShore D83  
 Adhesion TestN/mm² [MPa]13 troweling)
17 (primer, topcoat)
 Salt spray testhoursn/a  
 Impact Strengthmm (1 kg)1000  
 Surface smoothness (Ra)µm
Ø 3 readings
 Surface tensionmN/m<28  
 Taber Abrasion resistance, CS17 wheel, 1kgmg/1000 r.under examination  
 Heat conductivity
Ø 12,7x2,0mm on C-Steel with 67,37 w/mK

Especially for large condensators, high-alloy tubes are installed, whereas the tube sheet is made of carbon steel. Electrochemical corrosion occurs. The greater the difference in the standard electrode potential E, the stronger the corrosion, for example when a tube bundle is tubed with titanium tubes.

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