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SÄKAPHEN Re-Lining of Pipework

Asset protection and Preservation of Reliability of Metering Equipment

SÄKAPHEN is often referred to as “the dark green lining” and is one of the original SÄKAPHEN Heat Cured Phenolics and remains a highly popular choice, setting the benchmark standard for Prover Loops within Meter Provers used in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries. The high gloss, superior smooth surface finish, uniform dry film thickness (DFT) and excellent chemical resistance ensures reliable, precise, measuring and metering. The high gloss, smooth finish enables constant contact between the sphere and the prover wall, vital in repeatability of readings and measurements in ball meter provers.

However, solids and other foreign media occasionally enter the meter and due to the nature of operation, namely the passage of the sphere through the loop, causes an amount of wear, even on the supremely durable SÄKAPHEN lining. Whilst this is not desirable, it does not mean that the entire prover loop has to be replaced.

The existing SÄKAPHEN lining can be removed by pyrolysis which is the thermochemical decomposition of organic matter into a solid residual coproduct in an inert environment (i.e. in the absence of oxygen) and then cleaned further by abrasive blasting in accordance with ISO 8501-1:2007 Sa3. SÄKAPHEN lining is then completed as per standard procedures on newly fabricated equipment.

Further localised repairs can be spot repaired with a suitable SÄKAPHEN Cold Cure Repair Material as determined by the original Heat Cured lining.

Re-lining or re-coating is not limited to Meter Provers, an unlimited number of assets can also be processed as previously stated and this can include Chemical Cracking Towers and Columns, Pipework and Duct Work.

Application process

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