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SÄKAPHEN Lining of Pipework and Duct Work

Internal Lining of Pipework and Duct Work for Gases, Fumes and Liquid Media

SÄKAPHEN Linings are commonly found on the internal surfaces of Pipework and Duct Work to protect the substrate against a vast range of products and mediums. These often include blast furnace gases and fumes and other gaseous and liquid products found in refineries, power generation, chemical , petrochemical industries and general industrial processing.

Occasionally, Pipework and Duct Works that have received a SÄKAPHEN lining are further protected with a composite liner to provide further protection.

Pipework at diameters as low as 15mm (5/8”) can be treated, the upper diameter is only restricted by the size of the stoving oven in case of applying baked linings. As well as straight spools, bends and tee-pieces can also receive SÄKAPHEN lining.

We offer you a choice from the extensive range of our exceptional products comprising Heat Cured Phenolics / Epoxy-Phenolics alongside Cold Cured Epoxies, Novolac Vinyl Esters and Epoxy Vinyl Ester, each product tailored to your specific corrosion problem, be assured, whatever your problem, SÄKPAHEN will have a product to protect.

Further typical applications

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