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SÄKAPHEN Lining of Meter Prover, Prover Loops

Corrosion Protection and Superior Surface Finish for Exacting, Reliable, Repeatability Metering and Metering Verification

A Prover Loop is an integral part of a Meter Proving System as found throughout the oil and gas industry where they are exposed to high viscosity liquids as in crude oil (sweet and sour) and through to light hydrocarbons (methane, propane butane etc.). The Meter Provers can be installed as a fixed asset, but are also commonly found as mobile units.

The Meter Provers are used in a multitude of scenarios from metering large crude oil and gas pipelines to smaller units where hydrocarbons and other chemicals are ‘proved’. The Meter Provers can be found both off-shore and in refineries around the world.

Due to the diverse applications and mediums along with being operated in extreme environments, the specified lining has to meet these challenges head on. A practical example can be seen in the Russian winter where temperatures fall to minus 30°C and pre-heated crude oil is heated up to 90°C to aid with flow through the Prover Loop section of the Meter.

We offer you a choice from the extensive range of our exceptional products comprising Heat Cured Phenolics / Epoxy-Phenolics alongside Cold Cured Epoxies, Novolac Vinyl Esters and Epoxy Vinyl Ester, each product tailored to your specific metering problem, be assured, whatever your problem, SÄKPAHEN will have a product to protect.

Nevertheless, SÄKAPHEN Si 14 E, often referred to as "the dark green lining" has for decades been the de facto go to, standard internal lining for Prover Loop Metering Systems operating in the oil, gas and chemical industries where it offers exemplary hydrophobic properties, combined with superior chemical resistance even at elevated temperatures.

Further typical applications

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