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Two-Pack Cold Cured Impact Resistant Epoxy-based Hydrophobic Lining / Coating for Acidic to Strongly Alkaline Media. High Gloss, Anthracite Finish

SÄKAPHEN SÄKATONIT Extra AR is a superior two-pack epoxy hydrophobic mechanically durable lining / coating, formulated for self-priming and direct to metal application. SÄKAPHEN SÄKATONIT Extra AR is chemically resistant to various substances ranging from sour to strongly alkaline, inorganic salts and their solutions, fuels, acidic aqueous solutions and concentrated hydrochloric acid (36%) as well as all types of water including brackish, river, sea and deionized.

The lining film surface is hard elastic abrasion and impact resistant with superb hydrophobic properties, preventing caking, fouling and incrustation. Following polymerization SÄKAPHEN SÄKATONIT Extra AR is fully machinable and can be applied on site as well as on concrete. The lining is resistant to temperature fluctuations.

Furthermore, SÄKAPHEN SÄKATONIT Extra AR contains an ultra-high solid volume (wt.%) of 95% or more, in addition to combatting  extreme weather conditions, as observed in the desert of Saudi Arabia for an 18 month duration.

For the lining of Tube Sheets, Pipework and Meter Provers (Prover Loops), Spill Boxes, Water Boxes, Blowers, Fans, Compressors, Housings, Tanks, Vessels, Filter Interiors, Valves and Agitators. Slight surface imperfections can be covered by the increased applied thickness.

Product nameUnitSÄKAPHEN® SÄKATONIT® Extra AR 
 Properties-Cold Cured Duroplast Coating 
 Resin base-Amine cured Epoxy system 
 Field of Application-For the coating of tube sheets, pipe work and prover loops, spill boxes, water boxes, blower-, fan- and compressor housings, tanks, vessels, inside of filters, valves and agitators. Certain surface imperfections can be covered up by thickness of applied material. 
 Cure Mechanism-Cold Cured Duroplast Coating 
 Quantity of components-2 
 General chemical resistance (All resistances have to be inquired separately!)-Enhanced mechanical and impact resistance as well as chemically resistant to all types of water, including brackish, river and sea water as well as deionized water, various substances ranging from sour to strongly alkaline, inorganic salts and their solutions, fuels, acidic aqueous solution and concentrated hydrochloric acid (36%). 
 pH RangepH1-13 
 Wet Film Thickness per layerµm250 
 Total dry film thicknessµm500 (chemical resistance)
1500 (mechanical resistance)
 Coverageapprox. kg/m²/DFT4,4 / m² / 1500µm 
 Surface PreparationSaSA2 ½ - SA 3 
 Surface Profileµm100 
 Temperature resistance dry
(dry air oven)
°C-20°C to +120°C 
 Temperature resistance wet (water)°C-20°C to 70°C 
 Resistance to water vapor diffusion°C≤ ∆T 30°C 
 Overcoating Waiting Timehours/23°C8-24 
 Chemical Curingdays7-10 
 Linear Thermal Expansionµmn/a 
 Pore testingVolts5000 
 Pendulum hardness acc. to König6° sec132 
 Shore D HardnessShore D83 
 Adhesion TestN/mm² [MPa]> 20 
 Salt spray testhoursn/a 
 Impact Strengthmm (1 kg)1000 
 Surface smoothness (Ra)µm
Ø 3 readings
 Surface tensionmN/m>28 <35 
 Taber Abrasion resistance, CS17 wheel, 1kgmg/1000 r.under examination 
 Crosscutclass0 (DIN EN ISO 2409) 
 Heat conductivity
Ø 12,7x2,0mm on C-Steel with 67,37 w/mK

Complementary filler complexes based on high performing ceramics, increase abrasion and impact resistance of the lining. Simultaneously, the chemically inert component of the ceramics boosts overall performance quality.

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