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SÄKAPHEN Coating of Scraped Surface Heat Exchangers

Corrosion Protection and Low Friction Surface on Scraped Surface Heat Exchangers

Within Scraped Surface Heat Exchangers, spring-loaded blades are installed to a central shaft to scrape and remove highly viscous media, simultaneously any fouling on the surface is also removed. Various applications for Scraped Surface Heat Exchangers range from de-waxing, oil separation and manufacturing of fatty acids to continuous mixing of liquid and semi-solid products, all whilst being cooled or heated.

Under such challenging operating conditions, SÄKAPHEN Heat Cured Phenolic linings and coatings provide outstanding corrosion protection and exceptional chemical resistance, whilst being non-porous and non-stick. SÄKAPHEN linings and coatings have a surface tension between 28 mN/m and 35 mN/m in comparison to carbon steel with a surface tension of >56 mN/m. Additionally, the surface roughness of the applied coating is approximately 0.89 - 1.59 microns compared to 30-50 microns of untreated steel, thus classifiable as hydrophobic.

Components of Scraped Surface Heat Exchangers including the shaft itself, shaft centralizers, scraper blades, spider wheels and scraper blade holders are all coated with SÄKAPHEN’s Heat Cured Phenolics.

Further typical applications

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