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SÄKAPHEN Lining of Process Vessels, Storage Tanks and Silos

Heat Cured and Cold Cured Lining Solutions

SÄKAPHEN offers lining and coating services for a diverse range of Process Vessels, Storage Tanks and Silos; extending from newly fabricated items through to the refurbishment of old or redundant plant.

Partnering with SÄKAPHEN guarantees comprehensive analysis and evaluation of operational conditions enabling us to recommend the most suitable lining for your process or storage needs. This then leads to agreeing a suitable time frame in which the works have to be executed and if needed the recommendation of a primary approved applicator to fulfil your requirements. If required, supervision or inspection services can be offered, either independently or in partnership with the applicator or end user, all carried out by fully trained, certified personnel.

Alongside normal single product Storage Tanks, SÄKAPHEN also deliver a multitude of application services including Condensate Tanks where operational temperatures exceed 110°C/230°F, above ground and below ground Storage and Waste Tanks, Powder Discharge Vessel and Silos for Polyethylene (PE) or Polypropylene (PP), Water Towers and Absorption Towers (used for absorbing impurities from gas streams i.e. CO2 removal in ammonia production).

Additionally, SÄKAPHEN offer lining solutions for Filtration Vessels, particularly Mobile Filtration Vessels used for waste water treatment, during out of maintenance intervals in chemical processing. SÄKAPHEN linings bestow exceptional resistance to numerous aggressive media, temperature fluctuations and mechanically resistant to abrasions caused by activated carbon particles.

Further typical applications

Feel free to contact us for technical advice.

For any specific chemical resistances, fields of use, technical questions or other lining and coating queries, please feel free to contact us for technical advice.

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