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A 3-in-1 solution: The SAEKA Cleaning System

SAEKA Cleaning System

Heavy-duty cleaning products that remove contaminants, seal the surfaces and protect them in one wipe. This is Säkaphen’s Cleaning System: two cleaning pastes and a silicon grease for excellent results in the most diverse industries, from high-voltage insulators and electrostatic precipitators to railway equipment and industrial machinery.

What do our wide range of coatings and our SAEKA Cleaning System have in common?

Two words: surface protection

Whereas our heat-cured and cold-cured linings ensure corrosion protection (as well as a vast array of different properties, depending on the product), the SAEKA Cleaning System performs 3 functions in 1: cleaning, sealing and protecting.

Säkaphen’s Cleaning System: an overview
Our cleaning system consists of two different SAEKA Cleaning Pastes (80.750 for high-voltage insulators and 83.750 for plastic, resin, composite and silicone insulators) and the SAEKA Silicone Grease. Each of these products is non-toxic, safe to handle and easy to use.

Developed when a customer asked us to find an effective way to clean high voltage insulators and, therefore, specially conceived to protect ceramic, glass and plastic insulators, it is now a leading cleaning solution, specified and recommended by numerous manufacturers and users around the globe.

3 products, 3-in-1 functions: cleaning, sealing and protecting
The SAEKA Cleaning Pastes are solvent-free and dermatologically tested and they contain physiologically safe abrasives, oils and greases. Their formulation is aimed at performing three main tasks: first, the complex blend of oils penetrates the layers of dirt. Then, the abrasives scrub and pick up the dirt. Finally, the blend of greases forms a thin sealing layer to guarantee long-term protection.

The SAEKA Silicon Grease can be used in combination with them both to offer additional protection in areas characterized by high humidity or air pollution. It is solvent-free, too, and it contains physiologically harmless greases.

The resulting cleaning system significantly reduces cleaning times thanks to its exceptional protective qualities. It ensures savings between 50 and 75% on cleaning costs compared to conventional mechanical cleaning methods. It ensures shorter and fewer cleaning and maintenance cycles and therefore dramatically reduces downtimes. No special equipment or Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) is needed during its application process. Finally, it doesn’t contain any solvents or surfactants for eco-friendly procedures and reduced carbon footprint.

And the SAEKA Cleaning System is also very easy to use: wipe on, wipe off and polish – done!

Main fields of application
Our versatile cleaning system is already appreciated in a wide range of industries, including as follows:

Energy sector: for the cleaning, sealing and protection of ceramic, glass and plastic insulators, but also transformers, rectifiers, switchboards and any power generation and transmission equipment to ensure reliable electricity supply and safe electrical flow by avoiding flash-overs and electrical short circuits.

Industrial sector: for the maintenance of a wide range of highly soiled and heavily tarnished equipment or machinery, ensuring a safer working environment, especially in the cement production, mining and manufacturing fields.

Railway sector: for treating the high-voltage transmission network equipment located adjacent to the tracks, to guarantee reliable electricity supply through a shielded electricity flow and protect the devices against re-contamination, but also for cleaning the glass surfaces of signal lights and enamel signs contaminated by brake dust and rust.

ESP sector: for cleaning, sealing and protecting electrostatic precipitators (ESPs), i.e. filterless devices that remove fine particles such as airborne dust and contaminants from industrial exhausts, such as those found in fossil fuel power generation plants. 

3 success cases
The SAEKA Cleaning Pastes and Silicone Grease have an outstanding track record in their main field of application. However, the following examples involving power substation control cabinets in different environments prove that they can be successfully used in many other sectors as well – in fact, virtually any sector can benefit from our cleaning solution.

Site 1
On the upper floor of a commercial building, there was water damage in a control cabinet caused by leakage of corrosive water. The copper parts started to corrode and needed cleaning. The usual industrial metal cleaner did not bring the desired result. However, the SAEKA Cleaning Paste 80.750 could be used with great success.

Site 2
In a food industry environment, there was an unavoidable spillage of acidic ingredients on stainless steel. Due to its non-aggressive, skin-friendly nature, the SAEKA Cleaning Paste 80.750 could be safely employed for cleaning such a sensitive area.

Site 3
In a building belonging to critical infrastructure, some sub-distribution devices had been damaged by water. All metal parts showed traces of surface corrosion, which were successfully removed with the SAEKA Cleaning Paste 80.750.

What’s more?
Thanks to its envied reputation in so many industrial sectors around the world as a superior cleaning, sealing and protective product, the SAEKA Cleaning System has gradually found application even in the light manufacturing field and the private sector, with endless uses on chrome, stainless steel, alloys, plastics and other surfaces.

A few examples:

  • Sailing and yachting: for cleaning and preserving aluminum sail masts and the chrome surfaces of leisure crafts on pleasure boats.
  • Motorbike and cycle racing: for cleaning wheels, exhausts and other chrome or stainless steel parts and protecting them against corrosion, tar and rubber deposits. Take a look on the web and you’ll find it mentioned on many forums as a “secret weapon”!
  • Domestic uses: for cleaning window frames, outdoor garden furniture, glass cooker tops, fireplaces and ceramic tiles.

The uses of the SÄKAPHEN Cleaning System are as endless as your imagination: wipe on, wipe off and polish – done!