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Day to day coating activities of SÄKAPHEN in China

| Si 57 EG


Despite the continuing global challenges within the worlwide supply chain and ongoing disruption due to the COVID-19 pandemic, SÄKAPHEN’s Chinese representative, Jiangsu Simijia Tank Service Co., Ltd has now begun full operational activity in their new factory facility located in the Economic and Technological Development Zone of Binhai County in Jiangsu Province. 

Having completed SÄKAPHEN lining of five Tank Containers for a leading ISO Tank Container operator, the new factory facility was visited by the Sales Executive Yang Yifeng, representing a leading tank manufacturer, who witnessed the final inspection and customer approval of the Tank Containers. The new workshop complies and fulfills all current environmental regulations, which is increasingly vital within China.

Jiangsu Simijia carries out works for local OEMs in the Tank Container business, including amongst others NT Tank, CIMC or SINAGMAS and directly for various international clients.

As well as SÄKAPHEN lining ISO Tank Containers, Jiangsu Simijia for the first time have also applied SÄKAPHEN’s baked epoxy-phenolic lining, Si 57 EG on the tube side of three tube bundles exposed to sea water.

SÄKAPHEN Si 57 EG is a high-quality single-component epoxy-phenolic thermosetting heat cured lining, resistant to water vapor diffusion (≤ ΔT 85°C). Si 57 EG is self-priming and formulated for direct to metal application. It is chemically resistant to aqueous alkaline to weak acidic media and vapors of all types of cooling water including brackish, river and sea water.

The shop applied baked linings in cooling service prevent corrosion caused by conditioned and unconditioned cooling water and further reduce fouling and incrustation due to their smooth hydrophobic surface of 1 to 2 microns of surface roughness. Leading to a reduced pressure drop, improved flow speed, thus lowering energy consumption when in operation.

By applying SÄKAPHEN linings to the tube-side and / or shell-side of Heat Exchangers, Condensers or Coolers, capital costs decrease by the use of simple carbon steel and provide significant life time extension.

The three heat exchangers lined in China are destined to be used in a marine environment in Thailand. Two of the heat exchangers were 6000mm in length x 1080mm diameter with 314 tubes, the third heat exchanger was 5500mm in length x 650mm diameter with 288 tubes.

Disruption continues to inhibit travel within China with only limited journeys possible, however Jiangsu Simijia complied with and completed all the procedural requirements of SÄKAPHEN lining and coating application without a specialist from Germany being present. This included degreasing, abrasive blasting, multilayer application with intermediate and final polymerization of the lining all carried out under the digital supervision of SÄKAPHEN in Germany. This included full quality assurance inspection and data recording with the final inspection carried out by a 3rd party inspection authority in the workshop.