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Electrically Conductive Lining applied in 1m³ Portable Tanks

| Si 17 E


Last week, SÄKAPHEN's authorized applicator based in China, Nanjing Simijia Anti Corrosion Engineering Co., Ltd (南 京 思 勉 嘉 防 腐 工 程 有 限 公 司) completed 14 small 1100 litre T14 Portable Tanks with the electrically conductive phenolic based hydrophobic heat cured lining SÄKAPHEN Si 17 E.

In addition to the lining's electrically conductive properties due to an electrical volume resistance below 107Ω, enabling the transport of flammable liquids classified as AI / AII and B, the lining also offers resistance to water vapor diffusion (≤ ΔT 85°C). Including an extensive list of tested media, the aforementioned beneficial properties provide the flexibility our clients need for additional value of their assets.