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SÄKAFLAKE 900 Black 3K specified in APCS-2G


SÄKAFLAKE 900 Black 3K

Saudi Aramco, one of the world’s largest oil companies and largest by market capitalization has perhaps one of the most extensive specification ranges for asset protection.

As part of the Saudi Aramco Engineering Standards (SAESs), the Approved Protective Coating Systems (APCS) details various manufacturers for specific coating and lining systems. Each of the APCS standards, such APCS-2G contains specific technical requirements for a product to be qualified.

APCS-2G is the ARAMCO standard for Glass Flake Reinforced Vinyl Ester Coating for Immersion Service. For example, crude oil service, raw and sea water amongst others.

SÄKAPHEN’S cold cure product range contains the SÄKAFLAKE 900 series which falls into the category of products covered by the ARAMCO standard APCS-2G. The SÄKAPHEN 900 series of products are based upon Novolac Vinyl Ester resins, ensuring superior thermal and chemical as well mechanical resistance performance within the broad term of Vinyl Ester coatings and linings.

SÄKAFLAKE 900 Black 3K is one of the linings within the SÄKAPHEN 900 series and fulfilled all the requirements of the ARAMCO standard and has recently been specified under the latest edition of APCS-2G as one of five linings. SÄKAFLAKE 900 Black 3K is one of the few Novolac Vinyl Esters within the ARAMCO specification, but the only one which offers electrically conductive properties!

The addition of graphite fillers to the fine blend of glass flakes ensures SÄKAFLAKE 900 Black 3K not only provides excellent mechanical resistance, but resistance to water vapor diffusion caused by the cold wall effect and of course static dissipation, a key characteristic when it comes to flammable liquids. SÄKAFLAKE 900 Black 3K not only comes with a proven application track record around the world, but is also backed by independent 3rd party testing including extensive and comprehensive testing by a German research organization for applied science.

Due to its outstanding performance characteristics, SÄKAFLAKE 900 Black 3K was not only specified under APCS-2G but also selected for the upcoming project of internally lining 11 Sand Trappers manufactured by MIS Arabia. SÄKAFLAKE 900 Black 3K provides a lengthy and consistent pot-life, an important feature for application in areas with elevated ambient temperatures and aids application to complex structures such as the Sand Trappers with a length of 11m and a diameter of only 1m. This important element not only applies to SÄKAFLAKE 900 Black 3K but across all the products in the SÄKAFLAKE 900 series.

SÄKAFLAKE 900 Black 3K can also be used when a quick turnaround is required as proven in 2019 in the Yanbu National Petrochemical Company (Yansab) plant, where Diversified Lines of Petroleum Service (DLPS) removed an old lining by abrasive blasting and applied 1500 microns of SÄKAFLAKE 900 Black 3K in two layers, all within 48 hours. DLPS is the authorized applicator of SÄKAPHEN for Saudi Arabia and Bahrain