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Versatile and easy to apply repair solutions for SÄKAPHEN’s ISO tank container linings

| Si 17 E

SÄKAPHEN Si 14 E & Si 17 E

The use of protective lining systems within ISO Tank Containers for corrosion protection and maintaining product purity is commonplace in the bulk transportation of liquids. Lining systems available range from simple two-pack epoxy systems, more chemically resistant hybrid resin systems and ultimately, high resistance baked phenolic lining systems such as SÄKAPHEN Si 14 E and SÄKAPHEN Si 17 E.

Typically, enhanced chemical resistance goes hand in hand with more complex application techniques and processes. For example, epoxy linings can be relatively easily spray applied to the internal surfaces of ISO Tank Containers and offer a basic level of chemical resistance. Whereas more advanced systems as in rubber linings require vulcanization to aid hardening of the rubber and as such requires the removal of any cladding or insulation during the heat treatment process.

Baked phenolic lining systems such as SÄKAPHEN Si 14 E and SÄKAPHEN Si 17 E offer the best of both worlds, outstanding, superior chemical resistance achieved with heat treatment, without the need for removal of any cladding or insulation.

Lining selection and application is just one aspect of the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and is taken into account along with the maintenance and potential future repair(s) of the selected lining. Historically, it has been wrongly assumed that baked phenolics are difficult to repair, for SÄKAPHEN heat cured linings this is NOT the case.

Dependent on the cargo being transported, SÄKAPHEN repair solutions range from easy to apply, cold cured two-component epoxy based systems such as SÄKAPHEN Si 14 E/RE to SÄKAFLAKE 900 Topcoat 3K, a cold cured novolac vinyl ester system. Both repair solutions are easily applied in the field as required.

In instances where there is no alternative but to carry out a heat cured repair to a baked phenolic lining, SÄKAPHEN recommends the use its high-build primer TC Lining Grund to ensure a flush finish to the existing lining, this is carried out on completion of appropriate surface preparation. This can then be over coated with the required finish such as SÄKAPHEN Si 14 E.

TC Lining Grund is the base coat of SÄKAPHEN TC-Lining, a high-quality heat cured hydrophobic single-component high build thermosetting based lining system, consisting of a Base and Top Coat (Grund & Deck). TC-Lining is chemically resistant to a wide range of strong acids, weak alkalis, aliphatic and aromatic chlorinated hydrocarbons, along with both organic and inorganic salt solutions - certified by Bureau Veritas. Additionally, the lining is also resistant to temperature fluctuations.

Where the lining of an ISO Tank Container is beyond economic repair or has reached the end of its serviceable life, more information can be found here on relining options.