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6 reasons (plus 3) to coat your impellers with a heat-cured phenolic product

| Si 14 E


These pictures show an impeller coated with Si 14 E, SÄKAPHEN’s high-quality hydrophobic one-component phenolic-based heat-cured lining. Why was this coating selected?

1. Resistance to high temperature: This product withstands corrosive fumes up to 200°C and in general high operating temperatures without deteriorating. It is also resistant to temperature fluctuations. Finally, it withstands the attack of highly corrosive condensates formed when the temperatures are below the dew point and corrosive chemicals concentrate (sulfuric, nitric, hydrofluoric, hydrochloric, carbonic and so on).

2. Resistance to harsh operating conditions: Si 14 E also withstands high rotation speeds, in this case of 1100 rpm. Due to the excellent adhesion to various substrates, this heat-cured phenolic coating is indeed ideal when centrifugal forces at high speeds come into play. This applies also to other heat-cured linings of SÄKAPHEN applied to rotating equipment.

3. Easy handling of mechanical damages: In case any mechanical damages occur, Si 14 E does not peel off like PE/PP or rubber liners. Also, thanks to this, damaged coating areas can even be repaired on-site. SÄKAPHEN offers various repair solutions for its heart-cured and cold-cured products.

4. Low dry film thickness: The Dry Film Thickness of Si 14 E is about 180-200 microns which means that a thin, uniform protective layer is formed with little additional mass added to the impeller, thus reducing potential balancing issue during commissioning and operation.

5. Easy re-coating: Depending on the conditions, once the coating’s service life has reached the end, the surfaces can be easily recovered by abrasive blasting and re-coated.

6. Easy removal: The coating is easily removable for any non-destructive tests (NDT) required for inspection of any critical infrastructure. Once again, afterwards the inspected area can be smoothly repaired or the rotating equipment is fully re-coated.

But we know it: when it comes to rotating equipment, there is much more than just impellers. That is why we can add 3 extra reasons to choose Säkaphen’s coatings for the protection of your rotary devices.

Bonus point No. 1: Treating the housing as well
The rotating device itself, may it be an impeller, a turbine or a pump wheel is not the only component that can be treated. Its housing should also be coated to guarantee the same protection level and the same resistance degree for all surfaces.

Bonus point No. 2: Caring for the shaft
Ideally, the impeller’s shaft should be coated separately to avoid any damage during transportation and handling across all further process steps. This guarantees maximum results and ensures the greatest care is taken in the finishing of each and every component.

Bonus point No. 3: Si 17 N for even higher performance
When a certain application calls for an extra level of performance, our heat-cured abrasion and impact-resistant Si 17 N offers an even more durable solution. The Taber tests results show that Si 17 N has even better abrasion resistance properties than Si 14 E, thus ensuring extraordinary protection for your assets.

Säkaphen offers a wide range of heat-cured and cold-cured coating and lining products for safeguarding surfaces – for every requirement, we have a solution.